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Estonian Language Cards

Estonian Language Cards

Welcome, Estonia!

We are happy to introduce our next language cards:

Kruts Language Cards – Estonian!

Word up and surprise your Estonian friend, business partner or any other local during your trip!

Learn Estonian and you will surely make them speechless and see smiling faces, once they realize what just happened. Estonian Language Cards are packed with useful expressions and practical words & phrases to use in basic everyday situations, while shopping for famous Estonian souvenirs, finding your way to unique places or compliment the chef. All in pure Estonian!

From the back of the cards you’ll find interesting facts and information about Estonian culture, customs, nature, technology and more. There’s no way of running out of topics to talk about.

Listen to our free audio files and start preparing for your trip by learning Estonian! You can order Estonian Language Cards from our online store.

About Estonian cards:

  • 21 cards
  • 4 topics (Basics – On the move – Shopping – Eating)
  • Free audio files
  • Water and tear resistant paper
  • Binding ring
  • Emergency card
  • Card to add your own notes
  • Total of ca. 180 words / phrases

We have divided all the words and phrases into 4 categories: Basics, On the move, Shopping and Eating.

Basics covers basic everyday expressions and questions, such as Hello! Good morning! Thank you! Excuse me! How are you? What’s this? etc. It also includes numbers.

The second topic, On the move, includes useful words for discovering the surroundings. For example different places and sights (street, airport, Old Town, manor, shop, pharmacy, toilet, natural park etc.), main means of Estonian transportation and simple phrases, such as “Where is…?”, “How much is the ticket?”, “Could you order a taxi, please?” and much more.

The third section is all about shopping. It includes famous Estonian souvenirs (and materials they are made of), food and other goods you can find in Estonian shops and markets. For example handicraft jewellery, wool, linen, cardigan, socks, black bread, sprat, marzipan and the mysterious chocolate glazed curd snack – KOHUKE. Also useful expressions for shopping, for example “How much is this?”, “May I try it?”, “What is it made of?”, “Can I pay with a credit card?” etc.

The last part covers vocabulary connected to eating out. Language cards will help you understand menus in Estonian, order food and drinks, compliment the chef, ask the bill and much more.

From the backs of the language cards you can read interesting facts and information about Estonia, its people, culture and nature.

Have you heard about Skype or extreme swinging – Kiiking? How are they related to Estonia? When did Estonia become independent or join European Union? What is e-Estonia? You will get answers to all of these questions from Kruts Language Cards!

Why Estonia?

We are Estonians ourselves and Kruts is also an Estonian based company. As we have many foreign friends and even family members, it was the obvious route after we were ready with our Indonesian Language Cards.

Estonia has a lot to offer its visitors. Your experience will be completely different depending on the season you visit Estonia. In winter you might be lucky to enjoy meter-deep snow and temperatures of -30 degrees celsius (well, the last part probably isn’t so lucky), while in summer you might head to the beach for sunbathing or kitesurfing with temperatures of +25-30 degrees.

You can visit beautiful historical sites and buildings, such as the Old Town of Tallinn (dating back to the 13th century) or manors and castles all around Estonia. If you’re more of a nature person, you can enjoy the beautiful nature and countryside. There are many national parks with hiking trails, you can go canoeing or explore some of the islands.

We will start writing posts about Estonia and add a tag “Estonia” to them, so you can find them more easily. Until then, we hope you enjoy learning Estonian!

NB! Don’t forget to bring your Estonian friend a loaf of black bread or a kohuke, when you meet up 🙂 


Word Up and visit Estonia!

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