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Filipino Language Cards

Filipino Language Cards

We Are Ready For The Philippines!

Next language cards are ready to hit the road:

Kruts Language Cards – Filipino!

Use some Filipino on your vacation and surprise the locals! Happy memories and big smiles are guaranteed. Filipino Language Cards are packed with useful words and phrases for your trip the Philippines. From basic everyday expressions to practical vocabulary and phrases, you can use to discover beautiful places, shop for souvenirs or order food and drinks. From the back of the cards, you’ll find fun and interesting facts about the Philippines and Filipinos.

The pronunciations of all the words and phrases on Language Cards are recorded with a native Filipino. You can start preparing for your vacation today! Listen to the audio files and get your very own Filipino Language Cards!

About Filipino cards:

  • 21 cards
  • 4 topics
  • Free audio files
  • Water and tear resistant paper
  • Binding ring
  • Emergency card
  • Card to add your own notes
  • Over 200 words/phrases

We have divided words and phrases into 4 topics: Basics, On the move, Shopping and Eating.

The first section covers basic everyday expressions and questions, such as Hello! Thank you! How are you? What’s this? etc. It also includes numbers.

On the move includes useful vocabulary and phrases for discovering the surroundings. For example various places (street, airport, market, pharmacy, beach, rice field), means of transportation (taxi, motorbike, ship, bus, train) and practical phrases, such as Where is…? How much is it to the airport? Could you call a taxi, please? and much more.

The third topic is all about shopping. It includes all kinds of goods and fruits you can find at markets and shops. Also useful expressions for shopping and bargaining – How much is this? May I try it? Whoa, so expensive! Can you make it 300 pesos? etc.

The final section covers eating vocabulary and phrases. Language Cards will help you to order food and drinks, ask non spicy food, praise the food, ask the bill and of course, how to say Cheers!

The back sides of the cards are filled with fun facts and interesting information about the Philippines, its people, history, nature and more.

Besides that, Kruts Language Cards are pretty tough guys. Check out our ice cube test video to see, what we mean with travel-proof design.


So far, the Philippines are one of our most favorite and memorable destinations, where we’ll definitely go again. In some weird way it feels like home (maybe because of the historical impact of the western world?), plus super friendly locals and endless beautiful places to visit. From mountainous regions (e.g. Northern Luzon) with breathtaking rice terraces and thrilling underground cave systems to picture-perfect beaches with light blue water and white sand (e.g. Palawan, Bohol, Boracay).

The Philippines and Filipinos offer more than enough diversity and hospitality for tens, if not hundreds of trips. We will mark our future posts about the Philippines with a tag “Philippines”.

If you’d like to keep an eye on our travel photos, news, offers and surprises, come and join us on Facebook and Instagram! 🙂


Have fun learning Filipino!

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