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German Language Cards

German Language Cards

Welcome, Germany!

Our Language Cards family has a new member:

Kruts Language Cards – German!

Surprise the locals during your trip to Germany by dropping some lines in German! Big smiles and fun memories are guaranteed. German Language Cards are packed with useful words and phrases for you trip to Germany. From basic everyday expressions to practical vocabulary and phrases, you can easily use to discover Germany, shop for souvenirs or enjoy local food and drinks. Besides, you can read fun and interesting facts about Germany and Germans from the the back of the cards.

You can start preparing for your trip today! Listen to our audio files of all the words and phrases on Language Cards, that are recorded with a native German and get you very own German Language Cards!

About German cards:

  • 20 cards
  • 4 topics
  • Free audio files
  • Water and tear resistant paper
  • Binding ring
  • Emergency card
  • Card to add your own notes
  • Total of ca 180 words/phrases

We have divided words and phrases into 4 topics: Basics, On the move, Shopping and Eating.

The first section covers basic everyday expressions and questions, such as Good morning! Thank you! How are you? What’s this? etc. It also includes numbers.

On the move includes useful vocabulary and phrases for discovering the surroundings. For example, various places (street, airport, market, pharmacy, vineyard, hiking trail), means of transportation (taxi, motorbike, ship, bus, train) and practical phrases, such as Where is…? How much is on ticket? Could you order a taxi, please? and much more.

The third part is all about shopping. It includes all kinds of goods and souvenirs you can find at markets and shops. Also useful expressions for shopping – How much is this? May I try it? Do you take credit cards? etc.
The final section covers eating vocabulary and phrases. Language Cards will help you to order food and drinks, praise the food, ask the bill and of course, how to say Cheers!

The backsides of the cards are filled with fun facts and interesting information about Germany, its people, history, culture and more.

Kruts Language Cards are extremely travel-proof. They’ll survive freezing winter adventures and cooling summer dips. Check out our ice cube test video to see what we’re about!


You could find tens of reasons to visit Germany – history, sightseeing, nature, culture, nightlife, festivals etc. Whether it’s a longer vacation through cities and mountains, a weekend in Berlin or  Oktoberfest (attention-attention, most of the festival is held in September), that brings you to Germany, Kruts Language Cards will help you to pleasantly surprise many locals. We’ll tag our future posts about Germany with a tag “Germany”.

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Word Up and off to Germany!

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