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Thai Language Cards

Thai Language Cards

Sà-wàt-dee, Thai!

Let us introduce you our new cards:

Kruts Language Cards – Thai!

Creating Thai Language Cards was the most challenging and exciting so far – completely different alphabet / script and pronunciations with five tones. At first, Thai language might seem to be overly difficult, but don’t worry – with the help of audio files, you’ll start to remember Thai words and phrases surprisingly fast!

Thai Language Cards are packed with useful words and phrases for your holiday in Thailand. From basic everyday expressions to practical vocabulary, you can use to order food and drinks, discover the surroundings or shop for souvenirs. Learn some Thai for your trip and you can be sure, you’ll see many surprised and smiling faces (if it’s possible to make Thai people smile even more 🙂 ).
From the back of the cards, you’ll find fun facts and interesting information about Thailand, its culture, customs, language and more.

We have recorded all the pronunciations with a true native speaker. You can start preparing for your trip today! Listen to our audio files and get your very own Thai Language Cards!

About Thai cards:

  • 22 cards
  • 4 topics
  • Free audio files
  • Water and tear resistant paper
  • Binding ring
  • Card with pronunciation and tone explanations
  • Emergency card
  • Card to add your own notes
  • Total of ca 200 words/phrases

We have divided words and phrases into 4 topics: Basics, On the move, Shopping and Eating.

The first section covers basic everyday expressions and questions, such as Hello! Thank you! How are you? What’s this? etc. It also includes numbers.

On the move includes useful vocabulary and phrases for discovering the surroundings. For example various places (street, airport, market, temple, pharmacy, beach, boxing arena), means of transportation (taxi, motorbike, ship, bus, train) and practical phrases, such as Where is…? How much is it to the airport? Could you order a taxi, please? and much more.

The third topic is all about shopping. It includes all kinds of goods and fruits you can find at Thailand markets and shops. Also useful expressions for shopping and bargaining – How much is this? May I try it? Whoa, so expensive! Let’s make it 300 baht? etc.

The final section covers eating vocabulary and phrases. Language Cards will help you to order food and drinks, ask non spicy food, praise the food, ask the bill and of course, how to say Cheers!

The backsides of the cards are filled with fun facts and interesting information about Thailand, its people, history, culture and customs.


Thailand is a popular holiday destination, where people tend to go back again and again. We have been to Thailand a few times ourselves and we aren’t surprised – impressive nature, wide range of diverse places to visit, interesting culture, delicious food and always smiling locals.

Creating Thai Language Cards was the most challenging and exciting so far. Why so? Thai language is written using Thai script or alphabet, that’s very different from Latin alphabet. Learning to read the Thai script for a 1- or 2-week holiday is probably a bit too much. Therefore we wrote all the Thai words and phrases as pronunciations.

Besides that, Thai is a tonal language with 5 different tones (middle, low, high, rising and falling). A short 3-letter word might have 5 different meanings, depending on the used tone. You’ll see tone marks above letters, that indicate you the correct tone.

Seems like too much for a week in paradise? No worries! After a few rounds of flipping cards and listening to audio files, you’ll unintentionally remember quite a lot. The locals will be even more surprised by your effort of learning Thai!

Finally, we would like thank Yuki, who helped us with translations and gave her voice to our audio files. We were very pleased with her services. If you’re looking for a Thai translator, we highly recommend Yuki!

We will add “Thailand” tag to our future Thai-related posts.


Have fun learning and using Thai!

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