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Welcome, Indonesia!

Welcome, Indonesia!

Welcome, Indonesia!

We are happy to introduce our first language cards:

Kruts Language Cards – Indonesian!

Learn Indonesian language and surprise the locals on your holiday! You will surely see many surprised faces and big smiles. Indonesian Language Cards are packed with basic useful expressions and practical words & phrases you can use to greet people, use while shopping for souvenirs, finding beaches and temples or ordering food and drinks. All in pure Indonesian!

From the back of the cards you’ll find interesting facts and information about Indonesia.

Listen to our free audio files and start preparing for your trip today by learning Indonesian. You can order Indonesian Language Cards from our online store.

About Indonesian cards:

  • 21 cards
  • 4 topics (Basics – On the move – Shopping – Eating)
  • Free audio files
  • Water and tear resistant paper
  • Binding ring
  • Emergency card
  • Card to add your own notes
  • Total of ca. 180 words/phrases

We have divided all the words and phrases into 4 categories: Basics, On the move, Shopping and Eating.

Basics covers everyday expressions and questions, such as Good morning! Thank you! Excuse me! How are you? What’s this? etc. It also includes numbers.

The second topic, On the move, includes useful words for discovering the surroundings. For example different places (street, airport, beach, shop, pharmacy, toilet, temple etc.), main means of transportation and simple phrases, such as “Where is…?”, “How much is the ticket?”, “Could you order a taxi, please?” and much more.

The third section is all about shopping. It includes fruits and goods you can find in Indonesian shops and markets. Also useful expressions for shopping and bargaining, for example “How much is this?”, “May I try it?”, “Can you give me a discount?” etc.

The last part covers eating out vocabulary. Language cards will help you understand Indonesian menus, order food and drinks, ask non spicy food, tell the chef that your food is delicious, ask the bill and much more.

From the back side of the language cards you can read interesting facts and information about Indonesia, its people and nature.


We have very close ties with Indonesia, as our “skipper” Henri has lived there for a few years and still spends quite a lot of time in Indonesia.

The first thing that comes to mind with Indonesia is quite often Bali – the mystical island, which is the most popular destination in Indonesia among foreign tourists (last year approx. 40% of foreign tourists visited Bali). That’s probably the reason, why Bali is sometimes mistakenly thought to be an independent country. Bali is still one of Indonesia’s beautiful provinces and islands.

Indonesia is definitely a very diverse country with enough unique places to discover over several trips. From here on we will tag our posts related to Indonesia with a tag “Indonesia”, so you can find them more easily.


Until then, enjoy learning Indonesian!

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