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Banana Yellow and Teddy Cute?

Banana Yellow and Teddy Cute?

Banana Yellow and Teddy Cute?

Over the first few days of your vacation, you’ll probably start to recognize some familiar Indonesian words. You’ll see a word NASI (rice) or MIE (noodles) in every single Indonesian menu.

Usually, they are followed by other delicious words such as goreng, ayam, bakarĀ  or ikan (that you’re already familiar with from your Language Cards šŸ˜‰ ). Let’s take a quick look at the word order in Indonesian language. In general, it’s very similar to English, but a few thing are a bit backwards.

If we say:
Yellow banana, brave flip-flops, juicy salad and cute teddy

Their response would be:
Banana yellow, flip-flops brave, salad juicy and teddy cute.

You can see that the order of nouns and adjectives is the other way around. Let’s pick out some words from Indonesian Language Cards and make a few examples:

  • Nasi goreng – fried rice (rice fried)
  • Ikan asam manis – sweet and sour fish (fish sour sweet)
  • Bir kecil – small beer (beer small)
  • Jus jeruk – orange juice (juice orange)
  • Tas besar – big bag (bag big)
  • Harga murah – cheap price (price cheap)

Hopefully your holiday in Indonesia will make more sense now šŸ™‚
Listen to our audio files and word up with Indonesian Language Cards!

Have a trip fun, trotter globe!

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