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The story about Henri's shabby notebook


Few years ago I was brought through Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia with my backpack by 2 pairs of brave flip-flops. Sadly, two of them didn’t carry out to the end…

I like to learn a few words in the local language while travelling, to show respect and appreciation to the people I’m visiting. One of the sacred things from that 3 month trip is a small notebook that’s barely holding together. I used it to write down local words by ear…

It’s surprising, how saying a simple everyday word in a local language can affect the person in front of you and lead to something totally unexpected…

Whether it’s a few day trip to an uninhabited island, invitation to a traditional ceremony, having dinner with a local family or training roosters…

After returning home, the memories of turquoise waters, tropical weather and wonderful people kept haunting me. A few months later, my bag was packed and my notebook and survivor flip-flops were ready to go. This time the plane landed once again in Indonesia, where I dedicated to my favorite activities – diving and surfing. My paths crossed with a wonderful girl Ticka, to whom I’m married now…

While learning Indonesian, the good old notebook got replaced with a bigger and stronger one. When our family or friends visited us, we were asked again and again, how do you say “Hello” or “Thank you” in Indonesian?

Dictionaries and phrase book are often a bit bulky and have too much content for a tourist. If I go on a 1-2 week holiday, I don’t personally feel the need to learn a lot of expressions or to carry them with me just in case. I would like to use a few basic words to be polite, ask the bill in restaurant and more or less understand the menu, ask a souvenir price at a shop or market and maybe a few more things…

That’s how the mission to retain my fragile sacred notebook begun. After a couple of months of experimenting, the first Kruts Language Cards were between the binding rings!

Compact, easy to use and travel proof format: it’s alright, if the cards get sandy or wet

Practical words and phrases: intended for travellers going on a 1-2 week holiday

Interesting information about the destination: hopefully you will discover something new about your destination

All the pronunciations are recorded with a native speaker: you can hear the real language and will avoid accidentally saying something too “extravagant”

The deepest bow to all my friends, who took time and effort to read and give feedback on the cards. Special thanks to Ticka, whose voice you can hear on Indonesian audio files. Hugs and kisses to my dear parents, who have always been supportive in every possible way.  Also thanks to these guys, the Language Cards get shipped to your door, while their children are out of reach in a jungle.

This is definitely not the end of the Kruts story! We have many ideas and new Language Cards will keep coming.

Until then we wish you frisky trips!

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Henri Lindpere
The skipper of OÜ Kruts
NB! If you’re planning a trip to Indonesia and have any questions, drop us an email. Maybe we can be of any help.

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