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Video: Frozen Independence Day

Video: Frozen Independence Day

Happy 99th Birthday, Estonia!

We did an experiment to celebrate Estonian Independence Day

Estonia declared its independence on the 24th of February in 1918. The first period of independence lasted for 22 years until 1940. Over the following 51 years, Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Less than tree decades ago, Estonia regained its independence in 1991.

We decided to celebrate Estonia’s birthday by demonstrating you the travel-proofness of Kruts Language Cards. We used some leftover wall paint to get the colors of Estonian tricolor flag (blue, black and white) and froze Estonian Language Cards into ice. After 24 hours of “Nordic-sessions”, the cards were ready for the tropical temperatures.
You don’t have to worry about your Language Cards while travelling. They’ll survive sudden downpours during rainy seasons, swimming sessions in pools or oceans and accidental drops into snow, mud puddles or even your bowl of soup!

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